Using Sex Against Environmental Activists?

The undercover police sex scandal in Great Britain is almost unbelievable.

According to several published reports, environmental activist groups were infiltrated by undercover police, who then relayed reports to prominent power and energy firms who were being targeted by the activist groups.

One of the undercover police favorite tactics appears to have been sleeping with activists to gain inside information about upcoming protests. The “sex to get info” strategy, according to one undercover police officer who is now talking, was officially sanctioned by the police higher-ups.

An investigation is being demanded, and these allegations certainly warrant it. It’s hard to believe in this day and age, in a civilized country at least, that this type of thing goes on.

For more reading, try Tamsin Allen and “The price of undercover sex in the police,” and also Mark Townsend and Tony Thompson, “Undercover police cleared to have sex with activists.”

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