Depressing, isn’t it?

We’ve always been conservationists, and we’ve always spent a great deal outdoors hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, traveling, you name it.

We’ve traveled all through the United States, and someday we hope to see some of the more exotic areas of the planet.

But the way things are going, well, there is less and less to see, especially our wildlife. Case in point: the tiger.

We’d love to see one in the wild. So far, our only chance to see one of these magnificent creatures has been at the zoo.

In a few years, however, that may be the only way.

Consider these depressing stats:

-The wild tiger population has declined 95% in the last 100 years.
It is estimated there are approximately 3200 tigers remaining in the wild.

-Three of the nine subspecies of tigers are already extinct: the Javan, Bali, and Caspian.

We found these factoids over at Save the Tiger, which runs a blog dedicated to tigers.

Maybe someday, if we are lucky, we’ll get to see a tiger in the wild. But it certainly doesn’t look likely.

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