China Cleaning Up its Act? Yeah, right.

The New York Times ran an article about China’s efforts to get its act together, environmentally speaking.

Will it happen? Hardly. In terms of the environment, China leads the world in blatant and rampant destruction of the environment and it is not likely to stop.

No country on earth is currently as destructive as China when it comes to destroying the environment. Its rapid economic growth has come at the expense of nature, and its people health, and there is no sign of it stopping.

Remember the Olympics? Although officially little was said, privately athletes and others stated that the air quality alone was so bad that athletes faced health issues just by competing there. The air was so bad it was practically unbreathable.

But it was bad PR to say that, and no one wanted to go on record.

But the fact remains that China is an environmental nightmare, and despite all the glowing reports about its powerhouse economy, the fact remains it has come at the expense of nature.

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